What are the prices of the devices including taxes?

The Tablet device is priced at 163 Jordanian Dinars
The TAGITop Multi device is priced at 453 Jordanian Dinars
The TAGITop Plus device is priced at 493 Jordanian Dinars
These prices are non-tax inclusive

What are the specifications of the devices?

You can access our website to get acquainted with the specifications of the devices: TAGTECH.GLOBAL

Do the devices come with a warranty?

Yes; the devices come with a one year warranty, which can be increased based on the customer's request. An amount of USD 20 shall be charged per year.

Is there a maintenance center for the devices?

Yes; it is located in the main headquarters building - Al-Shmeisani - Abdul Raheem Al Waked Building No. 46

Does the company contact and follow up with customers after sales are concluded?


Does the company deal through agents for its devices?Does the company deal through agents for its devices?

Talal Abu-Ghazaleh Global Company

Where are the devices manufactured?

Talal Abu-Ghazaleh Global's production line - China

Are any discounts granted on the prices of devices?

A disount can be granted when a large number of devices, no less than 10, is purchased

Should the laptop remain plugged in the electricity during use?

It is preferable to unplug the laptop once the battery is fully charged

Are spare parts for the devices readily available?


When should I consider replacing the device's battery?

When the device shuts down as soon as the charger is unplugged

How long does it take to recharge the device's battery?

From 1 to 2 hours

How long do batteries for portable devices last?

From 6 to 8 hours

What is the warranty period for portable devices and tablets?

One year starting from the date of purchase

What does the device warranty cover?

Factory malfunctions

Does taking the device apart make the warranty invalid?

Yes, if the device is repaired at any center that is not affiliated with the company 

Does the warranty cover damages caused by water and damages to the screen?


Are the devices covered with an international warranty?


What is the cost of replacing screens for laptops?

58 Jordanian Dinars, tax inclusive

Should I unplug the laptop once the battery has been fully charged?

Yes, it is preferrable to unplug the laptop once the battery has been fully charged

How do I start the laptop when the screen is black?

Restart the device

Which is better to use: a laptop or a desktop computer and what are the differences in performance between the two?

Laptops are better as they save electricity and space

The device keeps restarting on its own; what should I do?

Check the RAM and Windows

The device is unable to enter Windows and keeps displaying the following message: Disk Boot Failure; what is the solution?

Check the hard disk

When I push the power button on the device, nothing happens and the device does not start up

Check the battery charge level and the charger

Why does a blue screen suddenly appear while starting up the device?

Check Windows or RAM

How do I improve the device's performance by adding hardware to increase memory and speed, and how are they installed?

Increase the hard disk and RAM capacities; such hardwares are installed at our maintenance center

How to choose spare parts when purchasing a computer device?

This depends on the quality and brand name of the device

Can the HD memory/capacity be increased?


Can the RAM memory/capacity be increased?


Can Windows be installed on the device?


What is the operating system's password?

Three zeroes - 000

What is the expected life of the battery?

The battery life depends on the use of the device

What are the working hours of the maintenance center? What is the contact number for the maintenance center?

From Sunday to Thursday, from 8 am till 5 pm - Maintenance center number: 0785552070  

Where are the showrooms located?

The two headquarter buildings of Talal Abu-Ghazaleh Global in Shmeisani and Mecca Street, in addition to all branches of Smart Buy and Leads Center

Why is my laptop slow and what are the solutions?

Certain parts may need to be replaced, or the computer memory is full